Saltern Ston

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Saltern Ston, one of three salterns in Croatia, the oldest one in Europe and possibly the world. It originates from the 14th century and it is still functioning. It was created after the Dubrovnik Republic in 1333 and in 1360 bought Ston's enclosed by a defensive wall. Ston has become an ideal location for the saltern which the Republic brought the most, 15,900 ducats a year. There were many provisions that accurately regulate the production and sale of salt in the Republic. The biggest earnings were achieved in 1611. Saltern is divided into pools and each one, except Munda, is named after a Christian saint. Salterns appearance and mode of production has not changed. 2007 in Ston, 9 crystallisation pools harvested 530 tons of salt, about 59 tons per pool.

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