Ston city walls

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Ston is a small city on peninsula Peljesac with the largest stone wall in Europe. It is 5.5 km long , being the second largest in the world just behind The Great Wall of China. The wall  has 40 towers and 5 fortresses. The wall had originally been 7 km long, but it was damaged in the earthquake in 1667. The Republic of Dubrovnik gained the control of peninsula Peljesac 1334 and they commenced building a defensive wall in order  to be able to protect  the city of Ston. The stone wall was built from 1334 to 1506.  At that time it was the biggest building site in Europe. The wall was built from one side to the other side of the peninsula and it protected the production of salt from potential attackers. At that time The Republic of Dubrovnik had large  financial gains from the salt production and its sale.

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