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Toledo is a historically and culturally important town in central Spain. Its old city center is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Over the course of history, the town was influenced by three different cultures: Christian, Muslim and Jewish, and it's sometimes regarded as the "City of the Three Cultures".

The city is situated on a mountaintop surrounded by the Tagus River on 3 sides. The old part of the city has many historical buildings and monuments, some of which are the Cathedral of Toledo, the Alcázar of Toledo (the most notable fortification in the city), the Zocodover (a central market place), and Puente de Alcántara​ (the first bridge built by Romans after they founded the city).

Throughout history, Toledo was widely known for the quality production of swords and other bladed weapons which are now one of the most popular souvenirs you can get in the city.

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