Kamerlengo Fortress

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The fortress or castle Kamerlengo is located on the southwestern edge of the town of Trogir, in the corner of the city walls.
The oldest part of the polygonal towers from the late fourteenth century, while the walls get today's appearance after the arrival of the Venetian government. State engineer Lorenzo Picin was consulted for its construction, and the execution was entrusted  to protomaster Marin Radoje. The fortress was built from 1420 until 1437, and was used for billeting the military.
Magnificent building is the work of masters Marina Radoja (14th-15th c.), And was built in the extension of the so-called. towers of the chain. It was named after Kamerlengo (camerarius), clerk - cashier, who had the duty of all financial transactions in agreement with Duke. Today is the irreplaceable summer stage and a lookout.

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