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Natalija R.

Celodenní výlet lodí do Hvar a Brač z Makarské lodí Voga

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This is the 2nd tour we took via was no issue with booking as well. Confirmation came quickly. The pick up was ok. The boat Voga was waiting for us in the port. For some reason there was a delayed arrival to Hvar do finally due to this we spent less time on the second island 🏝️. The crew was nice and the boat was clean. Toilets were clean as well. Pros of the tour: nice clean boat, delicious lunch. Other than that I did not find anything extraordinary beautiful in the islands. Couple of nice photos from Hvar and the nice beach in Bol. It was good to see those, but it was not wow for me. I still recommend this tour as every person's perception is different and somebody could be more excited than me. The tour was well organized, it is just that I expected more beauty from the islands.

Jednodenní výlet do Biokova z Makarské riviéry

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Great experience! The booking process was smooth. We booked the trip day before departure and booking confirmation came on time. We could choose the pick up point closest to the location where we stay. The driver arrived to the pick up point without delay. The van was perfect with air conditioning. The trip lasted approximately 5 hours and we had 3 stops: skywalk, sv. Jure and Vosac - the viewpoint which we had to reach by walking. All 3 are amazing places. Just riding to sv. Jure was quite scary and I could not relax on these mountain roads. And the last point was physically demanding as we had to reach the viewpoint on the top of the mountain and come back in 1 hour. I definitely recommend this tour. The only thing I was missing was some trip information from the driver. It would have been good to hear the trip stop points, the possibilities to buy souvenirs the toilets location in advance. Anyway I understand that driver is not a guide and he actually compensated lack of information with his professional driving on such demanding roads.

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