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Krka auf einer Budgetreise von Split aus

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The tour itself was really nice, especially the tour guide was really funny and flexible! The drive was also quite good because it had a good temperature, but in my opinion too many people. What was not so nice: - we were supposed to meet at Trogir at 10.10 am. At around 9 am we get a call from the lady from the office in Trogir, saying (not so nice) that we must be there at 9.30 am all of a sudden, which was nearly impossible to make. - the plan says that you have free time from 11-16, but it's actually 11-15 - you don't drive straight back to your town of departure but you have another 1,5 hour stop in a town near Krka, which we personally didn't need and didn't pay for. So in general, it was a nice tour with a really nice guide but the time table is NOT correct and they might ring you out of bed, saying you need to be there 45 Minutes early or they'll leave without you.

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