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Helena L.
Helena L. 18.07.2019
5 star rating:Very Good
Great trip! The reservation process was quick and efficient, got the confirmation in a few minutes. Everything was exactly like explained on the web site. Left the marina on time, skipper was very nice and friendly. Open to share his experience and knowledge. The trip is a perfect combination of sailing and sightseeing and would highly recommend it to everyone who would like to spend a few hours sailing and enjoying the sea and sun.

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Marko B.
Marko B. 18.07.2019
5 star rating:Very Good
1. The booking process was super easy. 2. It is easy to locate the meeting point and there is free parking. 3. Amazing, kind and interesting people. We had an amazing lunch with free drinks - wine and water. 4. Enough space for everybody on the boat. 5. Everything was on time. 6. Amazing sights, amazing views, sea so clean you can see everything, nice beach where we went for a swim. 7. I recommend it because of the hospitaly, it is a family buisness not a corporate ship or trip.

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Marlena L.
Marlena L. 11.07.2019
5 star rating:Very Good
Everything was exellent, I would recommended to all. Beautiful worm sea, gorgeus colour... We will go again.

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Audrey B.
Audrey B. , Belgium 11.07.2019
5 star rating:Very Good
A faire absolument si vous êtes à Zadar ! Nous étions sept sur le voilier avec Daniel, super capitaine ! Plein d’explications, petite pause pour nager et plonger, infos sur la voile, ... bref journée parfaite !

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John T.
John T. , Denmark 09.07.2019
5 star rating:Very Good
This was an amacing trip on the river, Beautiful cenery the most clear water I have ever seen. Great trip and many thanks to the two guides. Only minus was the transportation, 9 People in a bus for Only 8, Only 7 seatbelts were working.

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