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Cascadas de Mostar y Kravice - Excursión en grupo desde Dubrovnik Cascadas de Mostar y Kravice - Excursión en grupo desde Dubrovnik Cascadas de Mostar y Kravice - Excursión en grupo desde Dubrovnik Cascadas de Mostar y Kravice - Excursión en grupo desde Dubrovnik Cascadas de Mostar y Kravice - Excursión en grupo desde Dubrovnik Cascadas de Mostar y Kravice - Excursión en grupo desde Dubrovnik

Cascadas de Mostar y Kravice - Excursión en grupo desde Dubrovnik

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Cascadas de Mostar y Kravice - Excursión en grupo desde Dubrovnik

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  • Duración del tour: 12h
  • Lenguas: English
  • Recogida en el hotel
  • Tour con guia
  • Aceptación de comprobante electrónico
  • Español se crea utilizando la traducción automática . Ver original en: English

¿Por qué deberías ir?

Acompáñenos en esta emocionante excursión y visite la cascada más hermosa de Bosnia y Herzegovina, la cascada de Kravice. Descubra la ciudad de Mostar - un lugar asombroso con una rica historia.

Lo más interesante

  • Visita la ciudad de Mostar
  • Conozca su rica historia a través de una guía en vivo
  • Visite la increíble cascada de Kravice

Descripción del viaje

Una de las maravillas naturales más fascinantes de la región de Herzegovinia es sin duda la cascada cristalina de Kravice. La cascada creada por el río Trebižat es una maravilla natural que ahora está bajo protección estatal. Esta cascada es una de las más grandes de Herzegovina y definitivamente la más impresionante. La excursión de Dubrovnik a Mostar (¡con un giro!) le permitirá experimentar los hermosos matices de la naturaleza verde e intacta, todo ello enriquecido por una excitante arquitectura oriental.

Después de la recogida inicial en el hotel (por favor, consulte la lista de puntos de recogida disponibles y seleccione el que más le convenga) comenzaremos nuestro viaje. Primero, usted visitará las Cataratas Kravica donde tendrá aproximadamente una hora para disfrutar de las hermosas vistas. Después de la visita de las Cataratas de Kravica, el tour continúa hacia Mostar. Tendrás una visita guiada por el centro de la ciudad y luego tendrás tiempo libre para explorar la ciudad un poco más o para almorzar. Después de terminar la visita de Mostar, le llevaremos de vuelta a Dubrovnik a su hotel.


07:00 - 07:40
Recogida en el hotel
07:40 - 10:30
Viaje a las Cataratas Kravica con una parada de confort
10:30 - 11:30
Tiempo libre en las Cataratas Kravica
11:30 - 12:30
Viaje a Mostar
12:30 - 15:30
Visita guiada de la ciudad y tiempo libre en Mostar
15:00 - 18:00
Viaje de Mostar a Dubrovnik

Precio incluye

  • Recogida y devolución en el hotel
  • Transporte
  • Guía en vivo
  • Visita guiada de la ciudad de Mostar

Precio excluye

  • Ticksts de museo opcionales
  • Almuerzo
  • Entrada a la cascada de Kravice

Qué llevar

  • Cámara fotográfica
  • Pasaporte
  • Traje de baño (oportunidad de nadar en Kravica)

Es bueno saber

  • Se requiere pasaporte (los ciudadanos de ciertos países necesitan visado).
  • El itinerario de la excursión puede ser ajustado en caso de condiciones fuera de nuestro control.

Punto de encuentro

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Bus station Cinestar

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, United Kingdom 04.10.2023

Booking and confirmation simple to do Pick up on time we were in the wrong place but our driver found us Guide - Verda/Vedro - excellent guide knowledgeable, helpful, knew much about the history of the country and was interesting to listen to. He made this tour extremely memorable. Vehicle was very comfortable and clean Timings were all fine plenty of time in Mostar for lunch and a look around. The waterfall also was lovely and enough time to go in the water and have a drink A long tour but extremely worth undertaking. The scenery on the way is breathtaking and the guides knowledge made it all very relevant and relatable. We definitely recommend this tour as a good day out with this guide. Thanks very much Vedra/ Vedro (sorry not sure which)

, Finland 26.06.2023

I'm not usually a big fan of group tours, but this time I wanted to take it easy and let someone else organize the day. This trip was a positive surprise! Everything was planned well. Of course, Mostar and Kravice are wonderful places, so you could have easily spent the whole day in both. Even though the schedule was compact, we still got a lot out of the day. A big thank you goes to the guide (Dzenan) who took over the group in Mostar. He was a good story teller, told a history and he had clear and excellent language skills. With humor and a twinkle in his eye, he really did, as he promised, make us fall in love with Mostar at first sight. Guide recommended to take a short boat ride and so we did. It only takes 10 minutes and costs €5 per person. You will get wonderful pictures of the turquoise shimmering river and the famous bridge. And by the way in this trip it was very good that we went to Mostar first. After hot day a dip in the cool water of the waterfalls was exactly what you needed!! On the way back, we stopped to admire the bridge that was completed last year between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. It was a nice addition to the return trip.

, United Kingdom 12.06.2023

Had a great day. Booking was quick and easy although couldn’t download the app. Pickup was by taxi which delivered us to the bus pickup point. Timings were perfect and the driver explained clearly what would happen. Our guide Hana was good and dealt with the group very effectively. Our city guide in Mostar was excellent (sorry can’t remember his name). Overall the tour was excellent, the only observation is that the total length of the tour was much longer than anticipated due to lengthy waits at the border (outwith the operator’s control). Thoroughly recommend this tour and operator.

, Spain 01.08.2022

Booking process perfect as well as communication with the organizer. Meeting pick up late but driver (I had same driver for several excursions including Montenegro and Mostar) is excellent and very kind person. Unfortunately I don't remember his name, he is tall and has a beard :) the bus was new and modern and our guide Anet was brilliant, very professional, a lot of attention for us, and her voice on the micro was amazing. Just one point I could not hear very well sometimes in the bus as I was at the back and with the noise of other people and AC the volume was not high enough. The tour is highly recommended, thank you very much!

, Czech Republic 23.08.2021

The tour was amazing and definitely must-to-go. Pick up perfectly on time, smooth driving, comfortable stops. Borders were not full and we passed them very fast. The waterfalls are spectacular and amazing was to swim there cuz in Mostar it was +37. The city itself is medieval and you would feel the atmosphere there. To try: local meat, bakhlava and Coffee

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Preguntas y respuestas de los clientes

P: Hi We plan to travel on from Mostar. So we would like to bring our backpacks on the bus from Cavtat. Any problems with that? We plan on going tuesday 6th of August. preguntado sobre agosto 4, 2019 por Allan
R: Sure, you can take your backpacks on the tour.
P: Hi , My boyfriend has a Portuguese Identity Card that he uses for travelling to other countries and not a passport . Is that ok to use when travelling on this trip with your company? preguntado sobre julio 11, 2019 por Sophie
R: Yes, he can use a Portuguese ID for this trip.
P: Can you please let us know if the bus has air conditioning? preguntado sobre junio 30, 2019 por donal
R: Absolutely, it wouldn't be possible to travel without air conditioning.
P: Do you have an office in Cavtat that we can call into or do we just book online? preguntado sobre junio 30, 2019 por donal
R: We do not have an office in Cavtat so you will need to book it online.
P: Hi, can you confirm what time drop off would be back to Hotel Cavtat? We fly in the evening so want to make sure we have enough time to get to the airport! preguntado sobre junio 24, 2019 por Laura
R: You would be dropped off at Hotel Cavtat roughly around 19h. Please be noted, attending the tour on the same day of your return flight is not advised due to unforeseen circumstances which can prolong the tour or the drive back to Hotel Cavtat.
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