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5 en 1 - HopOn HopOn HopOff à Lisbonne - bus et tramway - Tage, Olisipo, Belem, collines de Lisbonne et château (48h)

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The service of HAPPYtoVISIT was an absolute 10! This review is not so much about them but much rather about the company Yellowbus from which this offer is. When we arrived at the hotel in Lisbon, the reception told us to go to the desk on the square to get our tickets with the printed out voucher. Ones there the desk person told us to go to another office. Once there, the person behind the desk told us to go to the bus driver and the bus driver told us to go to yet another desk office. After almost of an hour walking all together we got at the desk office near the Taugus river. We gave her the voucher and she told us that this offer does not exist anymore and that we could only get the 4-in-one (3 bus tours and a Belem tram). I specifically chose this one for the Red Hills and Castle Tramcar Tour since that one goes all the way up the hills and I am pregnant so can't walk that much. She said too bad this is all we can offer so we did take it. I immediately contacted the help service from HAPPYtoVISIT and they contacted me back the next day apologizing that we didn't receive what we order, apparently the company Yellowbus never gave them an update that they do not have this offer anymore. They gave me a free Hills and Castle Tramcar Tour! So I have to say I am absolutely happy with them and would definitely book my other tours through them as well!!

Tramway de Lisbonne : Billet Hop-On Hop-Off - 24 heures

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I would book all my tours through HAPPYtoVISIT!

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