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Meyer Andreas und Karmann Birgit M.
Meyer Andreas und Karmann Birgit M. , Switzerland 05.09.2022

Nach kleiner Anfangsschwierigkeit (Treffpunkt :es gab zwei Parkplätze zur Auswahl und ein Van statt erwarteter Bus kam auf die Minute) lief alles reibungslos. Die An- und Rückfahrt dauerten aufgrund diverser Pick-up etwas lange- wurden aber durch die Erzähungen und Erklärungen über die vorbeiziehenden Orte des Reiseführers zum Großteil ausgeglichen. Das Programm im Nationalpark recht straff. Vorteil: man muss nicht selbst fahren (hätte für uns eine Übernachtung nahe Nationalpark bedeutet) und erfährt sehr viel über Land/Leute/Park. Nachteil: Die Fahrzeit stand im Verhältnis zum Aufenthalt 2:1. Etwas mehr Zeit- erkunden durch Gehen- im Park wäre schöner gewesen.

A l'excursion: Excursion aux lacs de Plitvice à partir de la région d'Istrie
Mairead N.
Mairead N. , Ireland 23.09.2019

I needed a few days to calm down after the worst excursion I have ever been on . Going to the Plitvice Lakes was always something I had dreamt of but had been ruined my this tour company . I have travelled the world and have been on many organised tours . The guide came across very in experienced and rude . Any time I asked a question he pretended he didn’t understand or just ignored me . We spent more time queuing for boats , trains or just trying to locate our “guide”. We spent a total of 15 hours on this tour but only spent two hours seeing the park . We travelled to see the world renowned waterfall but bypassed the best part where all the best falls and only saw about 3 waterfalls in total . We spent the whole time walking the perimeter of the park . I am so deeply disappointed and will have to plan a trip to back again myself . Everyone on this trip were deeply disappointed.

Organiser a répondu sur cet avis 24.09.2019
Dear Mairead,

we are sorry to hear your experience with us was uncomfortable. We will look into what happened with the guide since our primary goal is to always be attentive to our guests. We want to thank you for sharing yours, even though negative, experience with us as it will help us improve in the future.

Please accept our sincere apologies. We hope your experience of Croatia was memorable and that you will come again.


Gulliver travel team

A l'excursion: Excursion aux lacs de Plitvice à partir de la région d'Istrie
Lorene M.
Lorene M. , Germany 13.09.2019

Es hat alles sehr gut funktioniert. Nettes Personal, Pünktlich, gutes Essen, Fairer Preis, insgesamt ein schöner Ausflug.

A l'excursion: Excursion aux lacs de Plitvice à partir de la région d'Istrie
Paul M.
Paul M. , United Kingdom 04.09.2019

We went on 3rd September so had to take a more roundabout route up the coast due to storms the night before. This dropped at least an hour off the time in Venice. Safety first, but be aware that above may happen. Even if there wasnt the storm, be aware that you only get about 4-5 hours in Venice as the transfer from harbour/San Marco and vice versa takes about 30 minutes each way. Pickup and drop off were excellent with a hotel door to door service. Given the choppy water, the trip over and back was good, staff very friendly. Trip back was by the direct route and about 3 hours. Reps in Venice also very friendly and knowledgeable The company recommended meal is excellent value and was very tasty with lots of wine. Gondola ride was a bit disappointing. It was a conveyor belt of Gondolas. At times it felt as if we were in a traffic jam. Overall, I would recommend this trip if you are aware this is going to be a VERY long day (pickup to drop off was 16 hours) with a limited practical time (maybe 4-5 hours) in Venice.

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Monike F.
Monike F. , United Kingdom 29.06.2019

The rep wasn’t with us group all the time. She left us alone. We got lost by taking the wrong boat, she seems upset and she made us to apologise to everyone in the coach for being late. But she didn’t make the 2 people that was very late too in the beginning of the excursion to apologise as well. We all have to wait for them for a long time. She speaks far too much and she is very rude with you if you get lost and are late for the bus. Not good at all!

A l'excursion: Excursion aux lacs de Plitvice à partir de la région d'Istrie
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