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Heather B.
Heather B. , United Kingdom 16.08.2020

I came across the HappytoVisit website quite by accident whilst looking for more information on the Elefiti Islands. I read the reviews of the company and went ahead and made a reservation online at quite short notice and waited til the following day for confirmation. The booking process was very easy and the maps showing pick up points were clear too. Although the price quoted on the website is in Euros I was charged in Croatian Kuna but it was good value and cheaper than I was quoted by the sales desks at the docks. The boat set sail without any information given and it was clear that when we arrived into the next pick up point that the boat was also being used as a ferry for passengers to get to Dubrovnik. Maybe a cost saving exercise as the boat was not full. A brief explanation when we were mooring into Dubrovnik for those guests to disembark and for the remaining guests that drinks would be on a self service basis on the lower deck. It would have been nice to have had a commentary of the coast line or some more information of the islands that we were visiting but two of the stops are quite brief so there's just enough time to stretch your legs and look at the view. The island of Lopud is the last and longest stop - about 2 and a quarter hours. There is a small beach area where the boats dock but we were also aware that there is another beach over the other side of the island. It is a good 45-60 minute uphill walk that I do not recommend taking, the beach is not worth the visit. We did walk half way to where the golf buggy taxis are that charge15 Kuna per person to take you to the beach and this did save about 20 minutes walking in the heat. The beach charge 50 Kuna for a sunbed and 50 Kuna for an umbrella which we didn't bother with for such little time was left there. The lunch is not 3 course as advertised but 3 components, either fish, chicken or veggie with 2 slices of tomato and some cabbage. Take your own snacks if you are a big eater. The fish was a whole mackerel and the chicken was 3 decent size chunks and both were good. The drinks were self service 2 litre bottles of shop brand cola, sprite, fizzy orange, still and sparkling water. As well as red and white wines. The cold beers have an extra charge of about 20 Kuna. In all I enjoyed the boat trip, it is a good 8-9 hours long and a good way of seeing the coastline view and the smaller islands.

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christopher k.
christopher k. , United Kingdom 23.10.2019

Good value and a good day out staff work hard

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Tina E.
Tina E. , United Kingdom 18.10.2019

I would recommend this tour and through this tour operator. The booking process was easy and all aspects of the itinerary went smoothly and timely. Our guides were great, in particular the local guide in Montenegro (Nishell?) He was very enthusiastic about his country and knowledgeable about the places we visited. We had a small group of 18 which was ideal and had no hold ups at border crossings or in any locality. The pace of the tour and time spent in each place was ideal for us but maybe not for those who wanted to explore more or shop. All in all this was an excellent tour and a great day out to a different and beautiful part of the world.

Organizator je odgovorio na ovu recenziju 18.10.2019
Dear Tina,
Thank you for taking your time for writing this nice review.
Adriatic Explore works very hard to make sure that our customers get a greatest possible value for their money and reviews like this one are a sign that we are doing our job right.
Our staff is highly educated and besides that very experienced which makes them perfect for this kind of job. Thank you for your nice words towards them, we will make sure that they hear about it.
Once again, thank you for your nice comments, we hope that you will have a chance to travel with us couple of more times.

Best regards,

Adriatic Explore Team

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Michelle R.
Michelle R. , United Kingdom 17.10.2019

Nice short trip around the harbour. Lovely views.

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Tina E.
Tina E. , United Kingdom 15.10.2019

Excellent tour and a MUST for GOT fans. The cruise was great, informative and fun. Nice cocktail on boarding and fancy dress if so desired. The walking tour was just right pace and our guide (who had been an extra on the show) certainly knew his stuff but also shared the history of the Old Town as well as Kings Landing etc.. All in all I would thoroughly recommend this tour. Just one point to be aware, we arrived early for the tour and as the ship was not docked we had trouble finding where to go - for info; the ship docks opposite the food market

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