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Brodski izlet do Kotora i Crnogorske obale iz Dubrovnika Brodski izlet do Kotora i Crnogorske obale iz Dubrovnika Brodski izlet do Kotora i Crnogorske obale iz Dubrovnika Brodski izlet do Kotora i Crnogorske obale iz Dubrovnika Brodski izlet do Kotora i Crnogorske obale iz Dubrovnika Brodski izlet do Kotora i Crnogorske obale iz Dubrovnika

Brodski izlet do Kotora i Crnogorske obale iz Dubrovnika

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Brodski izlet do Kotora i Crnogorske obale iz Dubrovnika

  • Trajanje aktivnosti: 10h
  • Nadolazeći polasci:
    • 15.10.2019: 08:35
    • 22.10.2019: 08:35
    • 29.10.2019: 08:35

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  • Jezici: Hrvatski, English
  • Izlet s Vodičem
  • Prihvat mobilnih vouchera
  • Pogodno za obitelj, mlađe i starije
  • Polazak od Vašeg smještaja

Ukratko o putovanju

Pridružite nam se na ovom cjelodnevnom brodskom izletu južnom obalom Jadrana do Crne Gore - male zemlje sa velikim prirodnim ljepotama i kulturnim nasljeđem. Posjetite otok "Gospa od Škrpjela". Doživite zapanjujuću ljepotu antičkog grada Kotora.


  • Posjetite otok "Gospa od Škrpjela", na kojem se nalazi crkva iz 17. stoljeća
  • Uđite u katedralu sv. Stjepana u Kotoru
  • Uživajte u plovidbi brodom “Le Couche D’Eau”, sa restoranom, kafićem i terasom, ležaljkama za sunčanje

Opis putovanja

Ostanite zadivljeni Crnogorskim fjordom - koji dosta nalikuje na Norveške: grimizno-bijele planine povećavaju fjord zajedno s minijaturnim otocima razbacanim na glatkoj površini zaljeva. Naše putovanje nastavljamo prema otoku "Gospa od Škrpjela", sa svojom crkvom koja je sagrađena u 17. stoljeću, te je poznata po 68 murala kreiranih od najpoznatijeg baroknog umjetnika toga doba - Tripo Kokolja.

Putovanje nas dalje vodi prema zapanjujućem gradu Kotoru - srednjovjekovnom Mediteranskom dragulju. Tokom posjeta Kotoru jednu od stvari koje morate napraviti je posjeta nedavno obnovljenoj katedrali Sv. Stjepana i Pomorskom muzeju koji čuva artefakte iz duge tradicije građana Boke Kotorske.


Polazak iz Dubrovnika
Povratak u uvalu Mirište i ukrcaj na brod “Le Couche D’Eau”
Polazak za Gospu od Škpnjela, ručak na brodu
Razgledavanje Gospe od Škpnjela (manjim brodom oko otoka)
Nastavak krstarenja pored Perasta, Stoliva i Prčanja
Dolazak u Kotor - slobodno vrijeme i razgledavanje grada
Polazak za Dubrovnik (trajektom i/ili vožnjom oko zaljeva)

Cijena uključuje

  • Transfer
  • Vožnja brodom
  • Profesionalni vodič
  • Ručak na brodu
  • Boca vode
  • Ulaznice za Gospu od Škrpjela

Dobro za znati

  • Putovnica/Viza/Osobna iskaznica -ovisno o državljanstvu, za prelazak graničnog prijelaza je potrebno imati odgovarajuće dokumente.

Mjesto polaska

Plat villas, Plat
Vrijeme susreta:  08:35

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, Australia 07.07.2018

We got a later pickup time which was nice. Tina our guide was blunt and ran through her standard jokes and History of the countryside (mostly about how women made their own clothes and then were married off - surely there are more relevant and interesting things to be said??!!). Border crossing was really easy and police and group worked well together. It would have been good to have more swimming time than to see a crowded church (although it was an amazing spot). Kotor was brilliant and it was great to get a swim in finally, some decent food and relax for 1.45 hours. Tina shared some interesting information towards the end that was more relevant, too! Food on board boat could be improved especially when we saw better meals coming out for other individual orders. Such a shame we had frozen peas and corn while others had beautiful fried calamari.

, Finland 18.06.2018

Excursion was well organized. Guide and boats were good. The homepage of HappytoviVisit were mention discover the Blue Grotto, but it remained mystery to us. The Kotorbay was very beatiful.

Gulliver je odgovorio na ovu recenziju 19.06.2018
Dear Matti, Gulliver unfortunately they have decide to take off the blue cave out of the program this year in order to give you more time to enjoy the others attractions.

This information was not updated on time and I am sorry for that.

We are glad to hear that you still enjoyed the rest of the tour.
Best regards, HappytoVisit team
, United Kingdom 09.08.2017

The booking process and pick up point very easy and on time. Going through the border check wasn't too bad and the guide was very knowledgeable. When we arrived for the boat tour we were advised it would be a small boat then would be transferred to a larger boat, we were all packed in like sardines to the boat which had no toilet, if u were lucky u were on the side of the shade which we were thank goodness, a poor man sitting opposite had no shelter at all and was getting roasted, his elderly friend tried to pull the opening across and was told to sit down. Our guide chatted mostly to the young fella driving and pointed out a few things, we seemed to be stuck on the boat forever as the large boat didn't seem to be ready for us we went round and round in circles, to say I was starting to get a little perplexed is an understatement. When we eventually did get on the larger boat, the meal was satisfactory, the large boat had 2 toilets which because everyone was stuck on the small boat for so long needed to use. My teenage son fell asleep as he had lost the will to live along with myself and my husband. The Bay of Kotor is beautiful and Kotor itself is stunning we only got to spend an hour there though. The time management of this trip is all wrong and if using the small boats you need half the amount of people getting on and also the amount of time on it, what I expected to be a beautiful day out just left me tired, frustrated and bored.

Gulliver je odgovorio na ovu recenziju 16.08.2017
Dear Tracey,
regarding your comment on this trip Montenegro Bay of Kotor cruise, we are deeply sorry to hear that you and your family were not satisfied with it.
On that day, there were two coaches, in total 84 people which required a lot of effort.
Our tour guides did their best to make border crossing easily, as well as entire program run in its best timing,
Your right is to present a personal impression, so we consider about your complain and want to thank you for it,
We want to improve our service, and all comments are more then welcome,
, Australia 08.08.2017

Easy booking process, fast responses before the trip. Even though the tour startet super early (!) it was worth it. Absolutely amazing. Everything was well organised. The ticket included a nice lunch and wine. A lot of swimming stops plus historical spots. I really liked the knowledgeable tour guide. He gave a lot of background information. The only minus point: there was only one hour for the town Kotor. Would have loved to have 2 or 1.5 hrs at least to enjoy Kotor. Apart from that an excellent trip and very good value.

, Israel 24.09.2016

The booking process conduct well thanks to Ms. Vera!! Without her assistance and fexibility we would give up. Our guide was Mr. Darko. His guidance was very professional and detailed. Mr. Darko adds to the tour an essential interest and all the rest was good as we expected. And we will recommend you and the cruise. Thank you.

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