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Izlet na Plitvička jezera iz Istre

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The booking process was very confusing. We were staying at the Park Plaza Verudela Apartments so as we seen “Park Plaza Hotel Ramp” as one of the pick up points under Pula we assumed this would be the correct point. Once the confirmation email sent the map location of the pick up this showed a location that was in the centre of Pula but she also called this the “Verudela bus trop 50m away from the hotel” so I emailed Happy to Visit asking to change our pick up point to the Verudela Ramp and was told they had problems in their system with this pick up point and the nearest pick up point was from the Hotel Horizont/Splendid which was a 20min walk from our hotel. We grudgingly walked there early in the morning thinking there was no closer pick up point to find out on the way back that the original booking from the “Verudela bus trop” was in fact the correct and very first pick up point and the operator had just sent the wrong map location to me on the confirmation email. We had to ask the tour guide(Maria Or Marie from Gulliver Travel) several times what hotel was at the last stop but she would not listen and kept telling us we were getting dropped off where we were picked up. Once we got to the Horizont/Splendid roundabout we asked her for a final time where the next stop was and it was when the driver started pointing at his watch to tell her to hurry up that she mentioned the name of the hotel the last stop was at so we stayed on the bus and got dropped off at the correct place and tried to explain the situation to the tour guide once again but instead of listening and giving any form of customer service she was defensive and kept cutting us off saying it’s nothing to do with her and blaming happy to visit. Regardless of who’s fault it was there was a total miscommunication on the whole situation and she refused to be empathetic or take any responsibility about the situation and basically told us to get off the bus and go complain to happy to visit. It’s a shame because Plitvice Lakes was absolutely stunning but the whole tour felt very rushed and we could have had more time exploring the park instead of stopping for probably over an hour in total. The driver took at least 15/20mins to get back to the bus when picking up other passengers at the petrol station then about an hour later we had a 45min pit stop which could have been done in less than half an hour and then another 15min stop on the way back. The food was terrible at the restaurant and we would have preferred to be told to bring our own food prior to travelling and completely skip the meal so we could either have more time to explore or get back to the hotel earlier than 11pm. Beautiful national park but very poor service.

Gulliver Travel je odgovorio na ovu recenziju 02.10.2018
Dear Mrs. Aimie,
thank you for your feedback, we are really sorry you did not fully enjoy our excursion. Unfortunately we can not change the details in the program. A few stops are needed since we have a big number of guests and a driver who needs to rest for a long ride.
Kind Regards,
Gulliver Travel

Dear Mrs. Aimie,
Regarding the pick up ​the problem occurred due to a incorrectly marked pickup point on our website and when we checked it after we received your booking and saw that it's not correct, we suggested the closest pickup point to that point which was the roundabout at hotel Horizont/Splendid. As it turned out, there was a closer pickup from your hotel and I'm sorry that you had to walk an extra 15 minutes because of this. We now corrected it so it will not happen again.
Best regards,

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