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Seena C.
Seena C. 06.10.2019

I booked for deluxe luxury tour trip with Hello Blue Cave tours. But they send me with Sea You.hr tours. It was fun and wonderful trip, alhough it was a deluxe speed boat and gives back and neck problems for those who already have problems, since the boat shakes due to it being a speedboat. Regardless, the boat is luxurious and comfortable and the crew and passengers were very great. Anita regularly checked up on me and made sure I was okay since I was not well. Good team and fun day out. Would recommend them.

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Dawn W.
Dawn W. 06.10.2019

Good day on the korsaro pirate ship, leisurely full day cruise around the beautiful split islands. Booked online (cheaper), than on Riva. Weather was cloudy but later the sun came out, beautiful sunset on the way back - couldn’t ask for more. Food chicken or fish both enjoyable, not sure about the salad - like shredded cabbage, but ok. Good value day out.

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Suzannah D.
Suzannah D. , United Kingdom 04.10.2019

The itinerary says 2 hours swimming at the blue lagoon, but we had only 30mins there! Most of the day was spent just sitting on the boat trying to keep warm. They played pop music the entire day. There was no sunset, we got back 30mins early so we missed it. Lunch was pretty basic - fish, cabbage and a piece of bread. Wouldn’t recommend this trip at all. It was so far from what the itinerary says!! Dont waste your money.

Organizator je odgovorio na ovu recenziju 10.10.2019
Dear Suzannah,
we have considered your statements very seriously and cheched with our crew and other guests so we can responsibly confirm YES, we have abbreviated 15 minutes Blue L. because no one was swimming and obviously you weren't either since you wrote that you were trying to warm yourself up throughout the trip... But we extended Maslinica 30 minutes... Pop music isnt through out the day...just the bigger part as it is shown in the video.. none of the other passangers had complaints about it...We arrived at 18:20, which is 10 minutes earlier then the expected,because of the weather conditions, as we had wind in the rudder....and sunset was not seen because there was no sun... With the choice of the menu you have been informed, this isnt Michelins restaurant it's a boat... and over 5000 guests confirm something way opposite... EXUISIT AND TASTY FOOD. Therefore, all together negative rating doesn't make a total, and sadly you cant satisy everyone..
Korsaro Team

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Minna M.
Minna M. 16.09.2019

Booking via Happy to visit was very easy. Loved the fact that didn't need to pay until going to the trip. Finding the meeting point of Three island tour was easy in the dock. The boat (Solo) was comfortable to spend time between the stops and we were served drinks all the time. Snorkeling in the blue lagoon was great experience and there wasn't overgrouded in September, which was nice. The lunch we were served in the shades of trees was tasty. There was no hurry, but it even would have been nice to chill there a bit longer. Maslinica was a lovely tiny village to see. Trip suits for elderly people, but mind the boat floor after its been dried after swimming sessions. What a great way to spend an easy going day!

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john p.
john p. , United States 14.09.2019

The luxury blue cave tour was great, only 12 people + guide and captain. We lucked out with only a five minute wait at Blue cave launch point. Fridays may be the good day. Wait was two hours the previous day. We especially appreciated the comfortable seats on the boat, since it is almost one hour out and the sea can be a little bumpy. Our guide Anna was very helpful. We hot to see several islands including lunch in Milna Hvar, Hvar town w/Spanish fort and swim stop at Vis. Also blue lagoon swimming and snack. The powerful boat can be loud, so bring ear plugs if needed. We brought towels, but they almost weren't needed. Boat was secure so we could leave things when we went into town or swimming.

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