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Alla ricerca dei delfini: Un giro in barca al tramonto da Pola

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If I could, I would give even more stars. Reservation was really easy, HAPPYtoVISIT just blocked the money on my card and contacted the organizer. Just after the organizer accepted, the payment was made. Boat crew then contacted me by email asking what did we want for dinner. I really appreciate the communication from their side. The trip was amazing. At first we went to the island and picked up people that went swimming there as a part of the earlier tour. Then we went around the archipelago. Crew commentated on interesting things about these islands like Tito's summer residence. I really liked the food, although some people from our group were not that excited about that. It was fish/chicken breast with cabbage salat and bread. But the food was not really the point of the tour. Crew was amazing the whole trip, they were offering us mineral water and wine and during the dinner they were around and they were offering more fish, bread and salad. We saw many seagulls even from up close, we saw few peacocks, one even with baby peacock. The crew also pointed us to a place where they sometimes see deers, but we didn't see them. We were lucky enough to see the dolphins and we saw them quite a few. I didn't manage to take the photo of them to attach here. Towards the end of the tour, it was cloudy and we didn't see the sunset. Also it was really hot and humid. Overall it was a really nice tour and I would definitely recommend it for everyone who likes this idea and wants to see some dolphins and have dinner on a boat for not that big price.

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