Discover the beautiful National Park Plitvice Lakes from Split & Trogir Discover the beautiful National Park Plitvice Lakes from Split & Trogir Discover the beautiful National Park Plitvice Lakes from Split & Trogir Discover the beautiful National Park Plitvice Lakes from Split & Trogir Discover the beautiful National Park Plitvice Lakes from Split & Trogir Discover the beautiful National Park Plitvice Lakes from Split & Trogir

Discover the beautiful National Park Plitvice Lakes from Split & Trogir

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Discover the beautiful National Park Plitvice Lakes from Split & Trogir

  • Tour DurationCzas trwania wycieczki: 10g
  • Tour Languages Języki
  • Odpowiednia dla rodzin, młodych i starszych osób Odpowiednia dla rodzin, młodych i starszych osób
  • Na liście UNESCO Na liście UNESCO
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Explore one of the most beautiful places on earth, Plitvice lakes. Get to know why people say that this is truly heaven on earth. See how 16 lakes blend and descend into one another and visit the Upper and Lower Lakes. Discover its unspoiled nature.

Główne atrakcje

  • Explore the pearl of nature - Plitvice Lakes
  • UNESCO site
  • Discover 16 interconnected lakes
  • Visit the Upper and Lower Lakes


Discover why million people every year visit Plitvice Lakes, pearl of world's natural heritage that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.

The park harbours a grand collection of waterfalls, gallery of lakes, forest and diversity of animal life. The lakes are renowned for their distinctive colors, ranging from azure to green, grey or blue. The colors change constantly depending on the quantity of minerals or organisms in the water and the angle of sunlight.

Situated halfway between Zagreb and Zadar, marked on old maps as the “Devil’s Garden,” the spectacular area consists of 16 interconnected lakes, which gradually blend and descend into one another.

Upon arrival we will start your 4-hour guided tour, visiting Upper Lakes in the south, consisting mainly of dolomite, and Lower lakes in the north, consisting of the limestone rocks. About 8 km of pathways and wooden walking trails around lakes are accessible to visitors.

Trails are descending from an altitude of 636m to 503m above sea level.

Enjoy the unspoiled nature of one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, declared on April 8th 1949.

You will have the chance to see tufa barriers, which occurred over a period of ten thousand years, and are one of the fundamental features of the park.

An unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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  • Guide
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Entrance tickets to national park
  • Boat and panoramic train ride in the park

Co zabrać

  • Bottled water
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen

Co ubrać

  • Clothing according to the season
  • Sport shoes

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, United States 01.11.2018
5 star rating:Very Good
Petar was very well informed about not only just the lakes tour itself but also giving us a general background of the history of Croatia both ancient and modern times. The tour route was well planned and thought out and going during Fall was a definite good call to avoid the huge tourist crowds in Summer. The bus itself was quite comfortable and clean which definitely a plus when each way is around 4 hours from Split. Would recommend to anyone looking for a hassle free trip to the Plitvice Lakes

5 star rating:Very Good
I had a great time in this tour! Petar our guide shared really interesting informations on the road and he did is best so we can enjoy our trip in gorgeous Plitvice National Park. Since we were only 8 on this tour this day, we used a MiniVan for transportation, that's a big plus to get to the park before all bigger groups arrival (big buses are regulated to 100 km/h in a highway that you can drive up to 130km/h). On the way back we stopped for some beautiful view points, a good thing because there was no AC in the van and it was getting hotter inside.

, United Kingdom 01.10.2018
5 star rating:Very Good
Definitely must to see place .!!! Absolutely amazing place and great tour. Very happy that decide to book with a tour guide because it was very informative and showed us incredible view points in the National Park . Would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking to go to see the place.

, United States 03.09.2018
5 star rating:Very Good
This tour was really informative and amazing. Petar is one of a kind when it comes to tours he really made this already wonderful experience so much better. And better yet, he saved the day for someone on our tour when they dropped their phone in the lake. Keep your items secure people! Thanks Boris & Petar!!

, Spain 15.08.2018
5 star rating:Very Good
El proceso de compra fue muy rápido como siempre. En cuanto al punto de encuentro, a pesar de citarnos a las 7 tardamos en salir, esto creo que es algo que deben mejorar e ir atendiendo a la gente segun llega puesto que todo el mundo llega antes de tiempo. En cuanto al guia, Petar fue estupendo, durante el camino nos fue explicando muchas cosas de Croacia, y de los sitios por donde pasábamos. Ademas y pese al atasco que nos encontramos y nos retraso nuestra llegada al parque mas de una hora controlo muy bien la situacion, y pudimos hacer el recorrido muy bien y evitando mogollones. Muy recomendable para visitar!!

Pytania i odpowiedzi klientów

P: Hello! Just wondering what time this tour brings you back to Split at? Tess zapytał września 25, 2018
O: You will be back in Split around 7 pm. I am at your disposal for any additional inquiry you may have.
P: When does the bus return from the park? What time will I arrive back in Split? Lisa zapytał sierpnia 8, 2018
O: Dear Lisa,
thank you for contacting us. Plitvice lakes tour returns around 19:30.
P: I was wondering if it is possible to walk freely through the park? Savannah zapytał sierpnia 3, 2018
O: This includes a guide but you are free to go about the park on your own. However we would suggest to consider this tour which does not include a guide so it's somewhat cheaper.
P: How many people are in the mini bus? Joanne zapytał lipca 29, 2018
O: The number of people change each day so it is hard to tell. We can let you know a day before the tour.
P: Where is the nearest pick up point to my accommodation which is Luxury rooms Fortuna split Joanne zapytał lipca 29, 2018
O: Luxury Rooms is 5 min from our Gray Line office which is the standard meeting point.
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