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Monike F.
Monike F. , United Kingdom 29.06.2019
1 star rating: Poor
The rep wasn’t with us group all the time. She left us alone. We got lost by taking the wrong boat, she seems upset and she made us to apologise to everyone in the coach for being late. But she didn’t make the 2 people that was very late too in the beginning of the excursion to apologise as well. We all have to wait for them for a long time. She speaks far too much and she is very rude with you if you get lost and are late for the bus. Not good at all!

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Tanja Winklehner W.
Tanja Winklehner W. , Austria 27.06.2019
4 star rating: Good
Booking process was easy, the chat function was also helpfull! Pick-up directly from our hotel! 1 star deduction because there were 3 stops and we had to change to another bus! Our guide Mary was very charming. She spoke good German and was very considerate! The tour was well organized. We had enough time to take photos and enjoy the view - thanks to Maria for giving us enough time. I could recommend, it was a long day but it‘s worth the trip! Regards Tanja

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Sonia P.
Sonia P. , Norway 25.06.2019
5 star rating:Very Good
Maria our guide was cheerful and full of useful and interesting information. At the lakes we had time to contemplate the natural wonders, with no interruptions or unnecessary talking, I truly enjoy my visit and the professionalism of the travel agency. The tour went smooth and on time. Diner was ok.

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Jennifer K.
Jennifer K. , United States 11.06.2019
5 star rating:Very Good
Hands down, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It is very much worth the drive. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this excursion. One con for the trip was that the a/c on the bus was not working and it was hot. I only mention this in hopes that they remedy it quickly and continue to give the customer a most excellent experience!

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Theresa S.
Theresa S. , Germany 05.06.2019
4 star rating: Good
All in all this was a great tour. We were staying in Pula. We left very early (at 7 am) and got back around midnight, so it is an extremely long and exhausting tour (with a lot of pickups of other participants on the way). It is worth it, though. The landscape is beautiful, but unexpectedly crowded (we went at the end of May). During the main vacation season it will probably be super crowded. Be aware that there is a lot of walking (including stairs), and often you will walk over wooden boards/bridges, so sturdy footwear is best. The only thing I'm not satisfied with was the condition of the bus. There were a lot of broken things (tray tables missing, broken screens) and dirty areas. My boyfriend's seat also broke when he sat down, even though he is not overweight. I also think including one free drink (or just water) for the late lunch/dinner would be nice. (The Magical Istria Tour includes free water at dinner.)

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