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Seena C.
Seena C. 06.10.2019

I booked for deluxe luxury tour trip with Hello Blue Cave tours. But they send me with Sea You.hr tours. It was fun and wonderful trip, alhough it was a deluxe speed boat and gives back and neck problems for those who already have problems, since the boat shakes due to it being a speedboat. Regardless, the boat is luxurious and comfortable and the crew and passengers were very great. Anita regularly checked up on me and made sure I was okay since I was not well. Good team and fun day out. Would recommend them.

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john p.
john p. , United States 14.09.2019

The luxury blue cave tour was great, only 12 people + guide and captain. We lucked out with only a five minute wait at Blue cave launch point. Fridays may be the good day. Wait was two hours the previous day. We especially appreciated the comfortable seats on the boat, since it is almost one hour out and the sea can be a little bumpy. Our guide Anna was very helpful. We hot to see several islands including lunch in Milna Hvar, Hvar town w/Spanish fort and swim stop at Vis. Also blue lagoon swimming and snack. The powerful boat can be loud, so bring ear plugs if needed. We brought towels, but they almost weren't needed. Boat was secure so we could leave things when we went into town or swimming.

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Aaron C.
Aaron C. , United States 13.09.2019

Staff was great and intelligently and thoughtfully navigated hosting an eclectic group of people. Gave us some great views and were very patient and punctual. Very happy we were able to do this.

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Yuliy L.
Yuliy L. , United States 06.09.2019

Excellent cruise in every aspect. Larry was very friendly, provided us with interesting information, was very helpful and obviously was a great skipper. Many thanks to Toto company in general and to Larry particularly.

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Laurie D.
Laurie D. , United States 31.08.2019

Beautiful and amazing tour of the Blue Cave and 5 islands. Marco was an excellent captain and kept us comfortable throughout. (Be advised that this is an exhilarating, and at times, somewhat rough, nearly one and a half hour journey on a speedboat to the first island of Biševo). The Blue Cave is breathtaking and all arrangements are made by the crew to avoid any hassle in transferring to smaller boats. Marco was informative and personable, as was Cristina, our guide. All the stops were short but long enough to get a feel for the islands. All unique and beautiful in their own right. I highly recommend this tour as a way to have the opportunity to visit just a few of the many islands Croatia has to offer. Thank you Marco and Cristina!

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