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About the company:

Our company was founded in 2012 and since then we are developing and offering more and more services in terms of boat charter and tours. We have only one office in Trogir and 3 employees during the whole year but we are planning to employ more because we are constantly growing and we tend to keep our employees offering them good working conditions. We also try to engage our employees in all aspects of our company and tend to establish a family atmosphere were everyone's opinion counts. And this is what brought us to this stage that we really have people in our company who really enjoy and care about their job. We think that we stand out from our competition with the fact that the guests are not only numbers for us but we try always to establish a nice relationship with them showing them that we care about them. We also offer different tours which suit different needs and our boats are really in excellent condition and can fulfil wishes of our clients.

About the tours:

We offer different tours which are suitable for different type of clients (group tours, private tours). The most popular tour is Blue cave & Hvar, 5 islands tour for which in the high season this summer we had sometimes 100 passengers in one day. Our tours are organised seasonally and we do not offer hotel pickups for group tours. We have a meeting point in Split and Trogir where all our guests come, do the check in and we escort them on the boat. We offer plenty of free time on our tours trying to fulfil the needs of our guests in every place that they visit. On the tours we offer bottled water, snorkelling equipment, life jackets, wind jackets (all included in price). Our prices are competitive with the prices of our competition, we are trying to stand out with our service offering normal prices for the tours.

About the guides:

Our skippers are fantastic young people who really enjoy their work on the sea. They like interacting with people and are always fun and the guests are especially happy with their explanations and useful tips which they give them during the tours. Our guides need to be full of knowledge about the places they take the guests, they need to be fun and helpful as well as practical and fast minded in order to react in unpredictable situations.

Providenca charter & travel organizes tours and activities from: Split, Trogir

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