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About the company:

For centuries, Nin Saltworks gives life. It has nurtured many generations. It has given many plants and animals a home. Love for the salt has transferred from generation to generation. Even the Roman emperors at their feasts enjoyed the salt's abundance of flavors.Even today, it still lives and produces at the same way. Located at the shallow lagoon of the Nin bay, it covers an area of 55 hectares. In the wider area there is no industry or extensive agriculture, and the area of Nin Saltworks Nin is located between five Croatian national parks (Plitvice, Paklenica, Northern Velebit and Krka), which further testifes of the purity and an unspoiled natural environment.

About the tours:

Educational salt tour This tour is a salt storyteller. As we walk along the salt pools we get to know the way of making natural ecological salt, crystallization and manual harvesting. We will stop by the old gate from Roman age and have a break in the cottage placed in the salt pools. The tour is under guidance of an expert guide and followed by a bird twitter in the nature park. A museum and a salt house are part of the Saline. You can see here black and white photos from the past, old tools for work, wagons that served as means of transport for the salt from the salt pans to the salt depository, but at the same time you can play an interactive game, see a model of the unique nature reserve and a documentary film, which is played in Croatian, German and English. Immerse into the fascinating museum of the only ecological saline on the Adriatic. It will inspire you with words, images and acts, but you will also learn something about the difficult and valuable things to be preserved for the next generations ... Dive into our history of salt. Solar man experience This package consists of outside and/or inside work with our salt worker, including walking on the borders between pools and walking between the gates that are used for sea level regulations inside the sea pools in the process of making natural ecological sea salt. During this tour, all through work and good company, visitors get to meet with the nature, with the phases of salt making process and with a traditional professions such as manual salt harvesting is. Visitors will also have a chance to meet the history of this area and explore beautiful world full of birds and other animals who find their habitats here. This is a great experience that will connect you with nature and yourself. It is great opportunity for team buildings to increase community spirit. Organized under expert guidance.

About the guides:

We have our guide who explain you everything about production.

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