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Madryt nocą i pokaz flamenco w Café Chinitas

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2 star rating: Poor 02.10.2017

The flamenco show was EXCELLENT but its the way that I was handled that bothered me. I paid 90 euro for this tour. When I went to Julia to direct me to a tour guide, I was told there isn't any. For the Madrid by night, he asked me to wait for the Red bus 11 (an ordinary tour hop on hop off type of bus). The bus is supposed to go around Madrid for 90 minutes. Then I have to walk by myself to Cafe Chinita. I thought it was a guided tour. I did not ride the bus anymore, but instead took a taxi to go to Cafe Chinita. If I would have known that this is the case, then I would just have taken the ordinary bus, and then paid directly Cafe Chinita for the dinner and show. Perhaps I would not be spending 90 euro.

Z Madrytu: Klasztor królewski El Escorial, dolina upadłych i miejsce królewskie Aranjuez

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4 star rating: Good 29.09.2017

It was a good day with a good guide. The only thing is that we are not able to take pictures inside the monument.

Wycieczka z przewodnikiem: Najlepszy z Madrytu i Pałacu Królewskiego

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2 star rating: Poor 29.09.2017

The flamenco show was EXCELLENT. I thought that this would be a guided tour, only to find out we are on our own. When I went to Julia, I was told to just wait for the Madrid Sightseeing bus at the bus stop. And then I was told that I should go to Cafe Chinitas on my own. If this was the case, I would just have taken the bus myself and got a taxi to go to Chinita. That would have saved me money. I paid 90 euro for this tour, but it was a let down on the way I was handled.

Avila i Segovia: Całodzienna wycieczka z Madrytu z obiadem

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5 star rating:Very Good 25.09.2017

Avila and Segovia were wonderful places. As characteristic of Julia Travel Tour Guides, our tour guide had a very relaxed manner about her, not giving any tension at all inspite of the big group. Thank you.

Całodniowy wypad do Toledo z Madrytu

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5 star rating:Very Good 25.09.2017

I really enjoyed Toledo. The guide was very relaxed and knowledgeable, and he kept the group going. Thank you.

Magia w Lizbonie: fado nocą i panoramiczna wycieczka po mieście

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3 star rating: OK 23.09.2017

We left so late because there were 10 people we had to wait on. So the evening ended up late. In the Fado place, they darkened the place when ever there is singing, thus we were not able to take photos.

Całodniowa wycieczka deluxe do Sintry z Lizbony

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4 star rating: Good 22.09.2017

The pick-up was late and we really started late in the tour. I thought that I also bought lunch for this tour, but I was mistaken. Yes, Pena Palace is great. I would have wanted it if you also included a visit to the National Museum of Sintra because it is in the area already. I will upload photos from my mobile.

Fatima, Obidos, Batalha i Nazare: całodzienna trasa z Lizbony

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5 star rating:Very Good 22.09.2017

This was the perfect tour for me. From pick-up, to the tour, to the drop-off. The places were magical. Yes, I will recommend this tour to my friends. I will try to upload photos from my mobile device.

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