Euphrasian Basilica

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Episcopal complex in the center of Porec, in the mid 6th century, was built by Bishop Euphra, best preserved complex in which it is manifested early Christian and Byzantine blend of elements. Because of its exceptional value, it has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since in 1997. The cathedral complex began to be built back in the early decades of the 4th century, progressing through 5, and the culmination of experienced construction of the basilica, in the 6th century, when Bishop Euphra thoroughly renovated the cathedral and episcopium. Architectural features of the compound of the early Christian and Byzantine art, the degree of preservation of the assembly, and in particular unrivaled mosaics from all phases, from the top of the main apse of the basilica, achieve artistic unity highest level. The main object makes a basilica with which the spacious courtyard (atrium), on the western side of the octagonal baptistery (Baptistry).

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