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Obilazak Plitvičkih jezera iz Zadra Obilazak Plitvičkih jezera iz Zadra Obilazak Plitvičkih jezera iz Zadra Obilazak Plitvičkih jezera iz Zadra Obilazak Plitvičkih jezera iz Zadra Obilazak Plitvičkih jezera iz Zadra Obilazak Plitvičkih jezera iz Zadra

Obilazak Plitvičkih jezera iz Zadra

Cijena od: 525.00 HRK
(Po osobi)
Osvojite 139+ nagradne bodove
ID proizvoda: 1240
(4,6/5) temeljno na 15 recenzija


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Obilazak Plitvičkih jezera iz Zadra

  • Trajanje aktivnosti: 9h
  • Jezici: Italiano, Deutsche
  • Pogodno za obitelji, mlade i starije osobe
  • Na popisu UNESCO-a
  • Rezervirajte bez kreditne kartice
  • Prihvat mobilnih vouchera
  • Hrvatski je kreiran automatskim prevođenjem . Pogledaj original: English

Ukratko o putovanju

Pridružite nam se na cjelodnevnom izletu od Zadra do Plitvičkih jezera. Posjetite nezaboravan Plitvička jezera i njegovu čarobnu ljepotu. Divite se očaravajućoj boji jezera i slapova, istražite floru i faunu i uživajte u ovom jedinstvenom prirodnom dragulju.


  • Istražite očaravajuće Plitvička jezera
  • Divite se prekrasnim jezerima iznimnih boja
  • Pogledajte najveći vodopad u Hrvatskoj
  • Istražite bogatu floru i faunu

Opis putovanja

Plitvička jezera jedan su od najstarijih nacionalnih parkova u jugoistočnoj Europi i najveći u Hrvatskoj. Od 1979. godine nalazi se u UNESCO-vom registru svjetske prirodne baštine. Milijunima godina voda je isklesala svoj put kroz sedrene stijene stvarajući duboka jezera i slapove.

Možete uživati u dugoj šetnji parkom i šumom te se ukrcati na električne čamce i uživati u neopisivoj plavo-zelenoj boji jezera. Ova iznimna ljepota jezera i slapova, bogat biljni i životinjski svijet te čiste planinske boje privlače mnoge ljubitelje prirode iz cijelog svijeta. Ovo će za vas biti nezaboravno iskustvo!


start iz Zadra
08: 30-10: 30
prolazite slikovitim krajolikom Dalmatinske zagore i Like
10: 30-15: 30
obilazak Plitvičkih jezera, vožnja vlakom, krstarenje brodom, slobodno vrijeme, ...
povratak u hotel

Cijena uključuje

  • Prijevoz autobusom
  • Ulaz u Nacionalni park
  • Vodič

Cijena ne uključuje

  • Ručak

Što ponijeti

  • Topli džemper
  • Kišobran ili kišni ogrtač

Što obući

  • Udobna odjeća i obuća


, Romania 07.09.2021

The trip went as expected. The guide was really nice, she provided us useful and interesting information.


We booked late afternoon the day before we wanted to go on the tour and the booking process was straightforward and HtV confirmed by phone a little after 7 pm. The highways were closed due to wind and we needed to detour twice which was obviously not really something HtV could predicts but it maybe would have been good to know this was a possibility in advance because it was a very long day. The walking part of the tour was along relatively easy tracks and boardwalks and was very pretty but was very crowded and slow going. The tour guide spoke German (fluent/native) and English (quite good) and provided some history and cultural commentary on the trip there and back. I think the tour group might have liked a bit more information about the itinerary for the day eg when the stops would be, what route we would walk. Pluses: pretty scenery and it was transport and entry combined. Minuses: Planning information was a bit light on. The toilet on the bus didn‘t work. If you are used to hiking this may feel a bit like a crowded city street (albeit with nice scenery).

, Netherlands 24.07.2019

I went to the Plitvice Lakes yesterday 23-07-2019. The beginning of the tour was very nice. The bus was clean and okay. The tour guide told us some interesting facts about Zadar, Croatia, the war and the lakes, while we were on the way to the park in the bus. However from the moment we got to the park, to the beginning of the route, the guide led the group very quickly on the path (we had no time to make pictures or enjoy the views at all). This was possibly due to the fact that we had to wait for almost an hour in line to get into the train to get us to the route, and that the guide thought we could save some time by running through the route. I was also doing the tour together with my mom, who is a bit older and cannot walk too fast. It felt stressful and we quickly lost the group as the tour guide was walking way too fast. He did not stop at any fork on the path to show us where to go or to get the group back together, so at some point we just thought of following our way to the boat which we would have to take anyways. We eventually met more people that had lost the group due to this fact and walked on together (which felt a bit more secure, but still very weird). We only met the group again at the end of the tour where we were completely stressed of missing the group, bus and the fact that we were completely out of touch with them. He told us only "I was already wondering where you were" - but I really had in my mind that exactly that was one of his only jobs on this tour: keeping the group together, unless members of the group would tell him that they would like to split and see the rest of the group at the end, and give information and interesting facts about the park (which we have now completely missed). For people that would like to go to Plitvice Lakes in the future, I would not choose to travel with this tour: choose another one carefully, or just go there independently: buy a bus ticket, a ticket for the park, search for facts and information about the park on Google and enjoy the day on your own pace (and don't lose a lot of money). By buying this tour you also can't tell that you could get a discount: two of us were students. This could have also saved some money. When we made the bus eventually I talked to two other members of the group who told us that at some point they had lost half of the group, that they had told the guide but he had just shrugged and ignored it.

, Germany 12.06.2019

Der Ausflug war sehr schön und gut organisiert. Die Fahrt mit dem Reisebus war entspannt (Wifi und sehr modern). Über den Tag waren zwei längere Pausen eingeplant, die wir an nicht so überlaufen und überteuerten Plätzen machten. Unser Reiseleiter hat vor allem bei der Hinfahrt in sehr gutem Deutsch und Englisch viele Informationen über Zadar, das Hinterland des Velebit Gebirges, die Geschichte Kroatiens uvm. erzählt (Sehr informativ) Die Seen sind wunderschön und auf jeden Fall ein Muss!

, United Kingdom 08.05.2019

I was happy with this tour from beginning to end! The booking process was really easy allowing me to select a pick up destination & giving a full itenerery of the day unlike most. We weren’t in the right spot for pick up but luckily we got a call from the agency to see where we were & the bus came to us! Big relief as we could of missed it all!! The tour guide was really good and enthusiastic about the trip. The only let down was the speed we went through certain parts of the park meant you had to take quick photos but couldn’t really take it all in. Also having group members that let the group down by not paying attention to the guide etc. Overall great experience at an amazing place!

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Korisnička pitanja i odgovori

P: We are staying at apartment tiramola old town polljana pape Aleksandr a 111 3 zadar 2300 does the price include all fees into Park thankyou Richard pita svibnja 19, 2019

Mala posta bus stop - Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 6, in front of the market "Konzum" at 8:25

The tour includes the the entrance ticket to the national park Plitvice, transportation and guide.

Feel free to contact us if you will have any additional questions.

P: Hi Just wondering if we get any breakfast on this tour can you pick us up from hotel or only from places that are named we are a group of 9 one is only 6 Richard pita svibnja 19, 2019
O: This tour does not include a breakfast. Please let us know where you will be staying and we will let you know the closest pickup point for you.
P: Dear Sir. I and my friend are cruising in May and we are in Zadar. Which pick up place is near to the port and how can we go there? Because our time will start at 8am so I am afraid to miss it. Thanks. Yunhee Yunhee pita ožujka 28, 2019
O: This tour starts at 8:30 am and finishes around 6 pm so you will have enough time.
P: Hi I’m interested in joining your tour to Plitvice Lakes tomorrow (Monday 23rd July). Do you have space available - also regarding the pick up / meeting points - I am staying near the main bus station - do you have a meeting point near there ? Also I will have a small travel bag with me - is it okay to take this in your vehicle for the tour. Cathy pita srpnja 22, 2018
O: We have space available for you. Nearest meeting point is in front of Hotel Kolovare, that is 3 minutes from the Main bus station.
Pick up time at Hotel Kolovare is at 8:20.
The exact address of the pick up is: Ulica Bože Peričića 14, 23000 Zadar.
P: Hello, can you go alone through the Park and can you swim there in Front of the waterfalls? Yvonne pita svibnja 28, 2018
O: Yes, you can go alone through the Park, but the swimming is not allowed in Plitvice Lakes.
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