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Tours to Girona from Barcelona

When you take one look upon Girona, you’ll see why this coastal city is a must visit among all those who wish to experience a piece of exotic spanish culture and tradition. Girona is less then an hour and a half away ride from Barcelona, which is what makes it so attractive as a one day trip for families and friends. View more info about Girona day tours in our short guide.

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Day Tours to Girona from Barcelona

Day Tours to Girona from Barcelona
The most imposing feature of the city of Girona are its medieval fortifications that vitness it’s rich and long standing history. From these walls you can observe the whole city as you take a relaxing walk and enjoy the view. In fact, this panoramic view will probably make you think that the whole city could belong in a different time in history. Because of this reason it was even chosen to be a filming location for well known series Game of Thrones. Stepping from the walls, you’ll find yourself strolling through narrow cobbled streets framed by old fashioned houses with charming and colorful window displays. Here in the city core you can also see one of the best perserved Jewish quarters and learn how they played a part in Girona’s history. Another sight worth seeing is the majestic Girona Cathedral which is accessed by an impressive stone staircase. In the cathedral you can visit the treasury and museum where you can see artworks and other riches. Another thing that really gives Girona its charm are picturesque houses nestled on the bank of river Onyar. Their lively painted façades look like a color palette which make it an ideal location for taking photos with unique background.

Even though Girona has plenty to offer for one day trippers, you can also choose to visit some other places as well. For instance, there are trip options that include the town Figueres or sanctuary Montserrat. Also, there’s a possibility of a combined tour that other than Girona includes sightseeing around Barcelona.

Girona makes for an unforgettable experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. It’s a city that incorporates richness of history and artistry, but also keeps its liveliness by attracting people from all over the world. Don't hesitate to visit and enjoy its beauty first-hand.
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