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Izlet Best of Montenegro iz Dubrovnika Izlet Best of Montenegro iz Dubrovnika Izlet Best of Montenegro iz Dubrovnika Izlet Best of Montenegro iz Dubrovnika Izlet Best of Montenegro iz Dubrovnika Izlet Best of Montenegro iz Dubrovnika Izlet Best of Montenegro iz Dubrovnika

Izlet Best of Montenegro iz Dubrovnika

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Izlet Best of Montenegro iz Dubrovnika

  • Trajanje aktivnosti: 11h
  • Jezici: English
  • Usluga transfera iz hotela
  • Izlet s Vodičem
  • Prihvat mobilnih vouchera
  • Pogodno za obitelji, mlade i starije osobe
  • Hrvatski je kreiran automatskim prevođenjem . Pogledaj original: English

Ukratko o putovanju

Uživajte u ljepotama Crne Gore u cjelodnevnom putovanju iz Dubrovnika zaustavljajući se na nekoliko značajnih mjesta zemlje. Istražite šarmantni grad Perast, otkrijte ljepote Kotora i ne propustite prekrasnu panoramu s vidikovca Sveti Stefan. Otkrijte tajne i ljepote Budve i opustite se na povratku u čudesnim pogledima na zaliv Kotor.


  • Posjetite prekrasni Perast i Kotor
  • Uživajte u prekrasnom panoramskom pogledu s vidikovca Sveti Stefan
  • Istražite ljepote Budve

Opis putovanja

Dođite i pridružite nam se na ovom cjelodnevnom putovanju i uživajte u ljepotama Crne Gore zaustavljajući se na nekoliko značajnih mjesta zemlje.


Vožnja do Perasta u Crnoj Gori
Prepustite se uživanju u ljepotama Crne Gore u cjelodnevnom putovanju iz Dubrovnika zaustavljajući se na nekoliko značajnih mjesta zemlje. Prođite dolinama Župa Dubrovačka i Konavle i odmarajte se dok se slikovita vožnja slikovitim zalivom Kotor
Slobodno vrijeme u Perastu
Posjetite šarmantni grad Perast poznat po svojoj ribarskoj i pomorskoj tradiciji, gdje ćete imati slobodnog vremena za istraživanje njegovih ljepota
Vožnja do Kotora
Slijedeći put do povijesnog grada Kotora, slušajte o kulturnim spomenicima i crnogorskim legendama iz vašeg pratitelja.
Razgledanje grada s lokalnim vodičem u Kotoru
Vidjet ćete ljepote Kotora i naučiti sve o povijesti i kulturi.
Slobodno vrijeme u Kotoru
Uživajte u slobodnom vremenu u Kotoru
Vožnja do panoramskog vidikovca Sveti Stefan
Uživajte u pogledima na putu prema Svetom Stefanu
Panoramski razgled Sveti Sveti
Snimite nekoliko slika luksuznog poluotoka Sveti Stefan na putu za Budvu
Vožnja do Budve
Slobodno vrijeme u Budvi
Uživajte u slobodnom vremenu istražujući ljepote Budve i ručajte u nekom od tradicionalnih restorana
Vožnja do Dubrovnika
Opustite se trajektom natrag do Dubrovnika preko Bokokotorskog zaljeva
Dolazak u Dubrovnik

Cijena uključuje

  • transport
  • Turistički vodič
  • Lokalni vodič u Kotoru
  • Ulaznica za Stari grad Kotor

Cijena ne uključuje

  • Ručak


, France 07.08.2021

Journée réussie et agréable Visite avec deux guides francophones 👍 Drôles et sympathiques Sites très jolis à voir

, Norway 16.09.2019

The tour itself is beautiful and we are very happy we went to Montenegro. The contact we had during booking with HappyToVisit was good and they responded quickly, even at night. The experience with the company that actually host the tour, Supertours is however bad. After booking they told us that pick up was moved to a stop 2km uphill from where we live. In the beginning they refused to change it or provide transport to the new pick up, but after telling them we would cancel they finally offered transport to the pick up. The time table was off even from the start, and we returned 1,5 hours later than planned. In Budva we were told that the bus would leave from the exact same sport as we arrived in, but it did not arrive there and some people ended up spending 20 min to find the bus. So our conclusion: Montenegro is great and the stops are beautiful. Supertours however, we will never use again.

, Ireland 08.09.2019

The trip was excellent but pick up organisation was a disaster. We were staying in Cavtat and told we would be picked from there. A day before departure we got an email asking to meet at a different point 40 minutes away and then later that day we were given another departure point. This left us very confused. We went to a bus station that we were assured we would be collected at 7.50 am. We were left at the side of the road waiting for a bus. We rang them and we were told the bus was on the way and a few minutes later told that the bus was not coming and we could go on the trip the next day. That was not an option for us and after much back and forth we finally managed to get a private car to where the bus was waiting for us. The tour was great but there was a lot of stress to get us to that point. We spent a lot of time and money ringing the company trying to sort it out.

, United Kingdom 07.08.2019

This was a great trip taking in Perast, kotor and budva, well with the money and the driver/guide was incredible,so knowledgeable and accommodating I cannot thank her enough, she is a credit to your company, the stops were about right on timing and duration, don't just think about it book it, collected from epidaurus hotel very convenient at 8.10 back for 7pm , the minibus was fine for the group of 8 on the trip through montenegro, even border crossing was Well managed by the guide, sorry can't recall her name but she was from bosnia

, United Kingdom 19.07.2019

We took this tour last year with Happy to Visit and enjoyed it so much that we decided to do a repeat this year. The booking process with Happy to Visit was completed with no problem - very easy to do. However, on the scheduled day for our tour things did go wrong. Our receipt from Happy to Visit clearly stated a pick up time of 8.15 am at our hotel. We were outside by 8.10 waiting but no pick-up arrived. At 8.30 we rang Super tours who said pick up was on the way, please wait. At 8.45 we rang again only to be told that our pick-up was at 8.05 and we had been listed as 'no show'. We explained that our receipt said 8.15 but they said we had been sent a text saying it had been revised to 8.05. We did not receive that text. After a bit of argument the Super Tours operator said we could go on the tour on the following Sunday but the pick-up would be 7.00 am, which we accepted. On the Sunday morning we were waiting at 6.50 am but again no pick-up! On calling Super Tours we were told the pick-up would be at 8.05, which did arrive. The young lady guide was excellent and the tour was just as we had expected from last year, except we visited the points on the tour in the reverse order due to congestion in Kotor due to a cruise ship being in town. The first main stop was in Budva but we did think the two hour break here was a little too long as it was a bit early to take lunch. The visit to Kotor was really enjoyable, with a local guide showing us the principal parts of the town and then doing our own exploring. The local cakes are to die for! On the return journey we were able to take the short boat trip to visit 'Our Lady of the Rocks' which again was well worth while. (Photo). Our guide gave a good history of the creation of this unique island church. Perhaps the only minor complaint was that the two of us felt very cramped sitting in the two middle seats of the back row of the mini bus and right under the air-con unit which made hearing our guide a little difficult. However, we would definitely recommend this tour to the beautiful country of Montenegro.

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Korisnička pitanja i odgovori

P: Hello, we are interested in your tour to Montenegro tomorrow. We are staying in Cavtat and would opt for collection point at Cavtat Bus station. Do you drop us back to Cavtat at the end of the day please? David pita rujna 18, 2019
O: Guests who are staying in Cavtat will be picked up and dropped off at Zvekovica Bus Station near Restaurant Tomislav (View on Google Maps).
P: Do we need anything else except schenzen visa to enter montenegro? Jinesh pita srpnja 25, 2019
O: The Schengen visa and your passport are required to enter Montenegro. Nonethless, i would advise you to contact your embassy as they have up to date info.
P: Hi, from the tour description I wasn't able to understand which transportation is used on this tour? Thank you! Katija pita svibnja 14, 2019
O: The tour Montenegro Full Day Trip from Dubrovnik is organized by busses or vans depending on the size of the group on a specific day.
P: Hello! I would lime to konw if I can take my luggage with me (one hand size suitcase and one small pack back per person - me and my husband), as we will be disembarkating a cruise early in the morning. Thanks a lot! Clarice Clarice pita svibnja 11, 2019
O: Yes, you can take your luggage with you.
P: Is the free time in Perast long enough for the boat ride to the Lady of the Rocks? Kerry pita travnja 28, 2019

In the free time you have 2 options.You can stay on land and take a walk on the UNSECO protected part of Perast, or take a boat ride to the Lady of the Rocks. You would only need to pay an additional 6€ for the boat trip and 2€ to enter the church.

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