Lower Lakes

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Milanovac, Gavanovac, Kaluđerovac and Novakovic Brod make the system of the Lower Lakes, which are formed in the canyon, built of good permeable limestone of the older Cretaceous Age. Most rocks in the canyon reach the height of about 40 m.

Lake Milanovac is located at an altitude of 523 meters and its maximum depth has 19 m. It was named after a shepherd Mile Perisic, who had a mill here. A terrible spate plunged him into the lake, where he drowned.

The water color is  from bluish to greenish. It is bordered by more than twenty meters high rock, and a walkway for the sightseeing. The eastern part of the lake waterfalls Milanovac is called Waterfalls of Milka Trnina as a  sign of thankfulness to this talented Croatian opera singer of international reputation.

Gavanovac lake is located  downstream of Waterfall of Milka Trnina, and is one of the smaller Lower Lakes. It got its name from the legend about Gavanovo treasure, which disappeared in the lake . This lake is also  bordered by many steep cliffs. There is a never proven assumption that the water from the bottom of the lake flows off in an unknown direction. Water from Gavanovac spills over travertine cascades called Big Cascades,  falling down in the lower lake Kaluđerovac.

From these cascades branches off the path to opening of the cave Supljara. With stone and brick staircase through the cave you can go out on the plateau and upper path which runs along the edge of the canyon.
Supljara is an underground cave that habitats with special environmental factors. The temperature of the cave area has constant, around 10.5 ° C, and the air is completely saturated with moisture. Due to these adverse conditions, Šupljara inhabits specially adapted cave fauna. Although small, Supljara not only has a rich cave fauna, but some species where here first discovered and scientifically described!

From the cascade is also visible the opening of the Blue Cave, which was once entered by boat. The main tourist walkway is continuing along the cascades and goes to the west side of the canyon, leading us to the end of the lake.With travertine cascade between Kaluđerovac and Novakovic brod nowadays is a tourist walkway that goes down to the Great Waterfall  and continues in the direction of Kozjak.

Lake Kaluđerovac is located downstream of the Great Cascade, and is one of the largest Lower Lakes. It got its name from the word monk - according to legend, a hermit monk lived in a cave above the lake.
Right above the lake rises more than 40 meters high rock, and there are lovely view points. The lake has a lot of fish. Water from Kaluđerovac spills over 2 meters high travertine barriers over which leads a walkway to a smaller and lower lake Novakovic Brod.

At the end of Lake Novakovic Brod are 25 meters high cascades through which the water of the lake crashes in the enlarged depression called Sastavci. Here the water combines with Plitvice streams which overflows over 78 m high waterfall called Great Waterfall and in the foothills of Sastavci creates the source of the river Korana.

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