Trogir Town Museum

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City pearl is located in the Garagnin - Fanfogna, stylistic features of the Romanesque to Baroque. Museum collections show the political, cultural and artistic development of the city from its founding to the 20th century. In his Famous library Garagnin - Fanfogna, - collection of stone monuments and sculptures from antiquity to Baroque and galleries with Croatian paintings of Cata Dujšin - Fisherman.

Town Museum in its permanent exhibition hides three works of the famous sculptor Ivan Duknović. One of them is the statue of Emblem carrier Cipika.
John Duknovic - Ioannes Dalmata was born in Orihovica, near Vinisce, near Trogir around 1440 as evidenced by archival records. He finished stone crafting, as the son of a master, in native homeland but his talent blumed in Italy and Hungary, where his work has taken him. Actions showed excellent master with a strong line individuality in shaping stone. It is therefore not surprising that excellent clients, from the cardinals in Rome to King Matthias Corvinus in Budapest, took him for stone craft works.

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