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Split Zipline Tours

There are several Ziplines in the region of Split for you to enjoy! Ziplining is an amazing experience and you are guaranteed to have a good time regardless of which one you pick. If you want to learn more about Zipline tours form Split we invite you to read our complete Zipline from Split guide.

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Zipline Adventure Tour in Omiš

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A Zipline lover describes it as "being as close as you can get to flying across the top of the jungle." You w.... Read more

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Zipline Experience over Kozjak Mountain from Split

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The zipline adventure waits for you. Enjoy the beautiful view on Split, dalmatian islands?... Read more

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Complete guide to Zipline Tours from Split

Complete guide to Zipline Tours from Split
Zipline is an adrenaline activity where you attach yourself to a slightly sloped steel line and then let gravity take it from there. You are equipped with a break so that you can control the speed of your descent and of course all the safety equipment such as the helmet and gloves. The feeling is very energetic and visitors sometimes describe it as a feeling close to flying. Every location has a zipline polygon which consists of several ziplines which you descent one by one. All tours are guided by 2 experienced guides which will teach you all the important safety measures and instruct you how to go down the zipline. Then the first guide goes down the zipline first and prepares the safety on the end of the line. The second guide helps every guest to attach itself on the zipline and being in contact with the other guide on the end of the zipline, coordinates the safe descend of one adventurer at a time. After the last guest goes down the line, the guide is the last to pass the line and then the whole group proceeds to the next zipline. Some walking and climbing might be necessary between lines so these tours are definitely​ not suited for people with mobility issues.

Depending on your weight there might be an option to go down the zipline in tandem - the guide ties two people by rope and you can enjoy the ride together. This is almost always the case if you take your children on the tour. The safety is always the primary concern when doing the tours and the guides make sure that everything goes smoothly. While there have not been any recorded accidents on the ziplines, you will be required to sign the release and waiver of liability statement before attending any of the zipline tours. The zipline operators are also required to have insurance to cover any possible injuries that might happen.

With that in mind, lets proceed on what zipline courses are available in the vicinity of Split!

The first zipline to be built in the region and currently the most popular is the one situated in Omiš. It consists of 8 wires having the total length of 2100 meters. The zipline polygon is built in the canyon of the Cetina river and a few of them enable to you cross the river high above the ground. The first zipline is the longest and highest - 700 meters of wire and situated 150 above ground. While it can be a bit scary to let yourself go down the first one, all the rest will be pure enjoyment! The Zipline in Omiš is currently the best selling zipline from Split.

The second zipline is situated in the canyon of the river Čikola, near the village Drniš, about 1 hour driving from Split. It consisting of 3 lines of total length of 1400 meters. While the zipline is a bit shorter then the one in Omiš its still very enjoyable and the tours also include traditional lunch and a panoramic view of the island Visovac in the Krka National Park which is very close to the Zipline course. This one is ideal for people who would like to have a more relaxing and private atmosphere and a tour that includes more activities then just ziplining.

The third zipline is situated the closest to Split - only about 30 minutes driving - on the mountain Kozjak. From there you will be able to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Split and the coastal line of the region. This zipline polygon consists of 6 ziplines having a total length of 2500 meters (the longest zipline of the 3). This course also has a very attractive 90 meter long suspension bridge which is a great addition for this already extraordinary adventure! Being a new zipline and still trying to attract more customers, they also have the best price (the price inludes the pickup from any hotel in Split), so we highly recommend trying this one if you want the best zipline experience, and not just the most popular option.

To conclude, Zipline is something that you have to experience - the feeling is just incredible and you will keep this memory forever. And one last thing - we highly recommend to bring selfie sticks if you would like to record yourself going down the zipline - the shots turn out really amazing!
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Our guests personal experiences on Split Zipline Tours

Split Zipline Tours

(4.9/5 based on 22 reviews)
Five star

Fun tour, great explanations and overall very cool :) WOULD RECOMMEND !

Pien L.

On excursion: Zipline Adventure Tour in Omiš
Five star

Really nice experience, well organized and the trainers were very competent and sympatical. Highly recommended

jeanluc h., Italy

On excursion: Zipline Experience over Kozjak Mountain from Split
Five star

This was an amazing experience!! The guys where a great laugh and enthusiastic so any nervous I felt at the start soon disappeared.. would highly recommend to anyone plus the best views of split

Kendyl G., United Kingdom

On excursion: Zipline Experience over Kozjak Mountain from Split
Five star

The activity was fun and engaging. It was a great moment for us. We weren't rushed to complete the activity, there were conversations, photo taking and the experience was great. We enjoyed the activity totally. The arrangement was easy and hassle free. It was affordable and transport included. Dali was very friendly and shared alot of the history and brought us to great observation locations for photos. Not that the activity was dangerous but there some walking to do and uneven steps due to small stones and rocks on the ground,they emade sure our safety and needs comes first. I would rate these guys 10/10 and it's definitely worth it!

Kwang Ming T.

On excursion: Zipline Experience over Kozjak Mountain from Split