Valley of the Fallen

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The Valley of the Fallen, locally called "Valle de los Caídos" is a massive memorial of the Francoist regime of Spain and a Catholic basilica. It is situated close to Madrid, about 10 km from the Royal Monastery of El Escorial. It is also famous for having the biggest cross in the world, standing over 150 m high. The building of the memorial started in 1940 and finished 18 years later. Francoist dictatorship is lasted between 1936 and 1975, when Francisco Franco established a totalitarian dictatorship, by leading the Nationalists and winning the Spanish Civil War which lasted from 1936 till 1939. Under the "Valley of the Fallen" lie the remains of over 40,000 people, whose names you can find in the monument's register. Both Nationalists and Republican graves are located here.

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